Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pandamonium Week #35: Where in the world is GEN-Y Pandamonium?

Where in the world is GEN-Y Pandamonim Week 35!

The last time Pandamonium was spotted he was here.

Below is Week 35's Pandamonium picture.
Hint:  A mysterious place with a mysterious occupant?

New to Pandamonium?  Here's how it works!

For those of you that are new are here, here are all the details about our little game:

GEN-Y Pandamonium has begun his journey around the globe. Each week we will post a picture and a description of the cover's current location. And each week you will have an opportunity to guess where he is at and possibly win a prize.

You may enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Correct location guesses receive 10 additional entries. Incorrect guesses will be deleted. Best of luck with your Google searches! Oh and extra entries if you read the title to the tune of Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego! Just kidding I made that part up but if you did I will love you forever :)

Who was Week 34's Winner?


Week 34 Pandamonium visited Las Vegas Nevada!  The lucky winner was Rachel Garner. 

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  1. I do believe in them all, especially since I live near the land of Bigfoot in the PNW! I would not want to run into any of them though!

  2. i believe that is is possible and likely that there are things outside of our understanding roaming the planet :) with all the lore surrounding these particular ones i'm sure they did exist or still do! thanks for the fun giveaway!
    beth c

  3. Love Pandamonium, wish it were in production!!

  4. Although it's fun to pretend, I don't actually believe in them.

  5. I believe that anything is possible, but I also think definitive proof is next to impossible to obtain.

  6. Well, I think it's possible that any of these could exist, but I'd need to see scientific, irrefutable proof of existence, which can be difficult to get.

  7. I think that there are many species of animals we have yet to find out. I believe that those mythical creatures could very well be real and of a species we have yet to discover!

  8. I personally don't believe any exist in the way we know of today. Just believe they are tales that get exaggerated over time into what they are now.

  9. Sure people saw something but probably real animals mistaken for mythical things

  10. I'm highly skeptical, but its sure fun to tell the stories!

  11. I'd like to think there's some REAL magic left in the universe somewhere...besides the yearly recurrent myths we tell our children that are totally fictional...

  12. I believe in the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and Aliens.