Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's time to answer one of your questions...(or as Strongbad would say "Checkin' my email, checkin' my email.")

Hi Izzy,

Please would you ask your Mum how many universal and classic covers are made at each print run?

How many employees do you have?

What's your mum's favourite hobby?


Love from Reuben and his Mummy!

Hi Reuben and Mum,

GEN-Y Classics at our warehouse
We get this question a lot! The answer really depends on the print. Some of the older classic prints, only 5-20 were made per size. We make more Ms and Ls than our other sizes, and the rarest GEN-Ys are Classic XLS... in most prints 10 or fewer were made. These days we make quite a few more classics, and many more Universals: usually around 200 Larges and 100 smalls. It is difficult to try and make sure there are enough for those who want them but that we can still do the wide range of prints we want.
I know, I rocked this shot
GEN-Y is a pretty small company. Elizabeth, Anne, Dawn, Jessie, Kristin, and Jenni make up the main GEN-Y force. Outside of that there are a lot of people who help make things happen, like our factory, photographers, and web designers. And of course adorable child models. You need a lot of those to make a company run.
These are the things my Mom loves enough to get bumper stickers for
My mom is kind of all over the place hobby-wise. One minute she is playing with her ducks and goats (we have a lot... they are pretty fun to play with) the next she is telling me that I can't move her shiny little Warhammer models out of their positions because she has know if her charge fails. We used to bake a lot of things like cookies and brownies together until she decided to replace all of that with veggies (something about "loosing the baby weight,") now we do a lot of gardening together. I do miss the cookies, though, so if you have any recipes for fun things we could make that would work with that diet, post them here! I mostly like eating the dough.... Mmmm... cookie dough ;)
<3 Izzy
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  1. love the cookie dough part :)... My DH plays Warhammer...