Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's time to ask Izzy....
Can you show us your friends at the factory?  How many work there?  What does it look like?

Curious in Columbus
Dear Curious, 
I have a lot of friends at the factory, more than 200; and we actually all went down to visit yesterday. I was a huge success; mom had me hanging out in the carrier the whole time and everyone said how comfortable and adorable I looked. Of course, they were right! I did manage to take some snap shots to bring back and share. This is the sewing room. They don't just make GEN-Y covers, they make all kinds of things here.

This is the cutting room. Everyone was at lunch, but they can cut hundreds of layers of fabric at a time on these tables.

And this is our spot in the storage room. Mom found some surprises. There was a lot of squealing and jumping up and down while she and Kristin looked through our stock. One of the rolls in this picture, previously only released as a Classic, is going to become a Universal cover. Which one, do you think?

<3 Izzy
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  1. this is amazing !! i love it .. love all those fabrics .. haven't tried a GEN-Y covers yet.. but hopefully i will soon :) love it nice pics

  2. omg!!!! i see gnomiesssssssssss lol

  3. I'm just going to say that I see a lot of people online looking for more Serenity! Most of them want a universal!!!! (Oh please, oh please, oh please.....) PLEASE! :D

    As for the blog comments above, my money is on unplugged turning Universal, too. Very cool, regardless.

  4. Unplugged is already a Uni and VHTF!! :) My vote is on that Yippee fabric going Universal as a limited run!! Woohoo!! Can't wait! And Gnomes too?! Wow! Amazing!!

  5. OMG! Can you re-release some classics! PLEASE!

    As for which will be an UNI i'm thinking either Yippee or UAN