Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mmmm Minkee... Who wouldn't love this?
You have more questions? I have more answers...

Aloha Izzy

How did you come across your awesome group of Employees you have now??

What is your number one cover you grab for ??


Kai and his momma in Hawaii

Hi Kai and his Momma!

Hawaii, huh? I would love to visit. My Mama went when she was about my age but the only thing she remembers is feeling sea sick. Probably not the highlight of the trip...

On to your question! The ladies who work here have come from two places: our family and our customers.
Did you know that Anne is my Grandma? It's true; there are three generations of my family working at GEN-Y. And my dad does the website and a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.

Kristin, Jessie, Dawn, and Jenni where all cloth diapering mamas who jumped up and wanted to help when we needed it. If you have ever wanted to work for GEN-Y keep an eye on the Facebook page. That is the main place we post job openings.

The covers I reach for are the fuzzy ones. I have been asking my Mama if they make Minkee Underwear since I would like to plan for the years after potty learning. No luck yet.

<3 Izzy

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  1. If I won a cover, I would want a Starstruck. I think big brother would enjoy lighting up my little one in the dark.